Introduction of Asia International Mathematical Research Association

Asia International Mathematical Research Association (AIMRA) was established in 2002. It is the academic association of mathematicians across Asia. AIMRA promotes the development of all aspects of mathematics in Asia, especially in the field of mathematical research, mathematics and social relations, and mathematical education. The members of AIMRA include mathematical research institutions, groups and individuals in 10 Asian regions including Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, and Singapore etc.

AIMRA follows the principle that science knows no borders, AIMRA will provide help and advice on issues such as mathematical research. It focuses on the wider relationship between mathematics and society. In short, it seeks to build a sense of identity among Asian mathematicians.

Purpose of AIMRA:

I. To promote unity among Asian mathematics researchers.

II. To promote mathematics and its applications within Asia.

III. Coordinate the planning of regular conferences on mathematics in Asia.

*The 6th Permanent Secretariat is located in Hong Kong, China.