Statutes of the Asia International Mathematical Research Association (Revised in 2010)

1. The name of the Association is ‘Asia International Mathematical Research Association’.

2. The aim of the Association is to promote the scientific study of Mathematics and the various practical applications of that science. The Association considers that in pursuing its aim it makes a contribution to friendly relations between peoples of different countries.

3. The Association is administered by a Council of 20 members, 15 of whom will be elected by direct vote of the members. The elected Council has the power to co-opt up to 10 further members, so as to ensure a suitable representation of Mathematics Research Scholars throughout the world. All Council members must be members of the Association throughout their terms.

4. Elections for the Council will be held every four years, in a manner as prescribed in the by-laws. If a Council member dies or resigns between elections, the Council may choose to co-opt a new member as replacement.

5. The Council elects from its members a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Editor; these officers form an Executive Committee, reporting to the Council, and running the current affairs of the Association.

6. The President and Vice-President are each elected for a single term of four years only. The Secretary, and the Treasurer are each elected for a four year term in the first place, and are eligible for re-election for not more than one further term of four years. If a member of the Executive dies or resigns, the Council elects a replacement as in #5.

7. The Association holds a general meeting at least once every four years. At the request of any member present, any decisions taken at such a meeting are subject to ratification by mail ballot of the Association.

8. Modification of these statutes requires a mail ballot of the membership, with a two-thirds majority of those responding to the ballot.